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Winner's Circle:

Settlers of Catan US Pre-Qualifier - January 31st:
1st Place - Reynaldo Diaz
2nd Place - Roger Sutton
3rd Place - Clark Goldentyre
4th Place - Brendan Collopy
5th Place - Caitlin Rivera
6th Place - Rodney Daw
7th Place - Kaira Wagoner
8th Place - Jeff Bradberry

MTG Origins Game Day - August 8th:
1st Place - Ken Van Sciver
2nd Place – Bart Bressler
3rd Place - Michael Rutherford
4th Place – Michael W. Rutherford, Jr.

Dicemasters Rainbow Draft - August 30th:
1st Place - Daniel Warlick
2nd Place – Damien Griffiths
3rd Place - Jeff Wallace

MTG Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Midnight Sealed – September 26th:
1st Place – Chan Loun
2nd Place – Andrew Clarke
3rd Place – Kyle Stuart
4th Place – Michael Gibbs
5th Place – Jackon Beezley
6th Place – Preston Kiser
7th Place – Shawn Casey
8th Place – Ben Snead
9th Place – Jeff Jackson

MTG Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Saturday Sealed - September 26th:
1st Place – Jefferson Thomas
2nd Place – Travis Brown
3rd Place – Jeremy Spencer
4th Place – Jess Beasley
5th Place – Brian Danziger
6th Place – Guy Vitaglione
7th Place – Russell Braswell
8th Place – Andrew Clarke
9th Place – Sean Gold
10th Place – Stephen Cossa
11th Place – Ryan Gerleve
12th Place – Joshua Daniels
13th Place – Preston Kiser
14th Place – Ryan Rhinebarger
15th Place – Travis Vashaw
16th Place - Jonah Justice
17th Place – Matthew Mitten
18th Place – Andrew Alberse
19th Place – Andrew Kellar
20th Place - Mike Gibbs
21st Place – Ken Van Sciver

MTG Battle for Zendikar Prerelease 2 Headed Giant Sealed – September 26th:
1st Place – Hamilston - Solarski
2nd Place – Byrnes - Malik
3rd Place – Antonopoulos - Hodge
4th Place – Martin – Martin
5th Place – Cox - Lerch
6th Place – Holmes - Holmes
7th Place – Mcareavy - Kiser
8th Place – Sims - Creech
9th Place – Moskowitz – Danziger

MTG Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Sunday Sealed – September 27th:
1st Place – Jeremy Spencer
2nd Place – Ryan Rhinebarger
3rd Place – Jackson Williams
4th Place – Zach Jeyakaran
5th Place – Jeffery Wilkins
6th Place – Jayson Daniels
7th Place – Bart Bressler
8th Place – Ellis Gyongyos
9th Place – Robert Dote
10th Place – Kevin Garofalo
11th Place – Alex Suarez

MTG Friday Night Magic - October 2nd:
Pod 1
1st Place -  Stephanie McNally
2nd Place -  Jackson Williams
3rd Place – James Nichols
4th place – Jess Beasley

Pod 2
1st Place – Zach Jeyakaren
2nd Place – Ryan Rhinebarger
3rd Place – Ken Van Sciver
4th Place – Daniel Ligouri

Pod 3
1st Place – Dan Creech
2nd Place – Travis Brown
3rd Place – Ben Cox

MTG Battle for Zendikar Release Saturday Sealed – October 3rd:
1st Place – Preston Kiser
2nd Place – Stephanie McNally
3rd Place – Jess Beasley
4th Place – James Nichols