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The Gamer's Armory ASL Bitter Ender 2016 (April 28, 2016 - May 1, 2016)

ASL - Bitter Ender 2016

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Bitter Ender 2016

ASL Tournament Raleigh, North Carolina

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When: Thursday 28-Apr-2016 thru Sunday, 01-May-2016. Thursday April 28th is designated as an open ASL day. There will also be a Mini 1st round on this date. The first round of the Bitter Ender Grognard main event will promptly Friday at 08:00 hours. Please join the NC ASL Players Association Annual Tournament.

Where: Ramada Raleigh Blue Ridge, 1520 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607.
Contact the following for hotel reservations:
Phone: 1-919-832-4100
Fax: 1-919-826-1796

Hotel Information: the cost for the hotel room at the bitter is TBD at this time but should not exceed $85 per night, this includes a full free breakfast.

Entry Fee: The entry fee for the bitter ender 2016 will be $45 for pre-registration post marked on or before March 19th, 2016. the door fee is $50. Pre-Registration cost for entry for a single day will be $25.00. The Door Fee is $30.


PLEASE NOTE: single day entrants will not be eligible for the main tournament. Single day entrants will only be eligible for the Mini Tournaments if there is space and on a 1st come 1st serve basis. You may not Pre-register for a Mini. Note that losers in the Friday Grognard Tournament will have priority for spots in the Minis.

The Grognard Tournament: the bitter Ender main event (The Grognard) will consist of 5 rounds of single elimination. The players that participate in The Grognard will be required to play a minimum of two matches on Friday and two matches on Saturday. Sunday will consist of the final match.

The Grognard play list that contains 30 scenarios. Players will choose one scenario from a choice of 5 scenarios each round. Players may mutually agree on the scenario or write down on a piece of paper their choice of scenario, with 1 being their top choice or 5 being their last choice. DO NOT SPEND AN INORDANANT AMOUNT OF TIME ON SECENARIO SELECTION. Players may choose a scenario from a previous round as long as neither player has played it yet in the tournament.

There will be a bonus round of scenarios for FASTER PLAYERS--The Slotwinski Shot Round. These are LARGER scenarios that can be played as a replacement in ANY round but MUST be PRE-APPROVED by one of the TDs. If the TD denies your choice be a MAN and DEAL WITH IT. We know who the fast and slow players are. If you are a slow player YOUR CHOICE WILL BE DENIED.

If players still cannot agree on a scenario, they may play another scenario as long as it is approved by the tournament director (TD). The rounds will timed events. The rounds will start and end as follows:

Friday Round1 Saturday Round 3 Sunday Round 5

Start time: 08:00 Start time 08:00 Start time: TBA by TD

End Time: 15:00 End Time 15:00 End Time: Until

Friday Round 2 Saturday Round 4

Start Time 16:00 Start Time16:00

End Time: until End Time until

Please note that it is the TD's belief that ASL is not an endurance contest. Rounds 1 & 3 will END at the specified time. The TD will adjudicate any game that is not finished by the mandated end time. The TD reserves the right to consult fellow players to assist in the adjudication process as long as they are not one of the Adjudicees and they will not face either opponent in the next round. All players will be expected to have their set ups completed within 30 minutes. Should adjudication occur, speed of play will be a determining factor in the TD's decision. Also, the Player that takes a long lunch is probably toast. Play fast, play hard, and have a good looking cardboard corpse.

Rounds 2 & 4 can be played "until". However, note that Round 3 will begin promptly at 08:00. Please be respectful to your opponents need for sleep.

Round 5 is the championship round. The start time will be coordinated with the players by the TD.

Mini-Tournaments: The Bitter Ender will be hosting 4 mini-tournaments starting on Thursday 28-Apr-2016.

The Thursday Mini is "At the Narrow, Bitter Passage" and features ONE SCENARIO--FB 14 At The Narrow Passage. This Mini be 2 rounds (Thursday & Sunday) & will have 9 players (including the TD). The 3 winning players will play the Finals on Sunday, 01-May-2016. Following general Auftragstaktik are in effect:

• Thursday start time is 09:00, but scenario has extensive set up and side bidding.

• Sunday start time is 08:00. Set up, if all three players agree, can be on Saturday.

• If any of the 3 winners advance to either the Grognard or Saturday Mini, they will be replaced by the 2nd place player in their 1st round game.

• If the 2nd place player does not want to participate, the TDs will solicit a volunteer

• If 3 finalist are knocked out of Grognard on Friday, they may play Final that evening

The 3 Saturday Mini-tournaments are designed for players that have been eliminated from the Grognard and still want to play at a competitive level and start on 30-Apr-2016

Scenario selection is as described for the Grognard Above, except no scenarios are eliminated.

Round1 Round 2 Sunday Round 3

Start time: 08:00 Start time 16:00 Start time: TBA by TD

End Time: 15:00 End Time Until End Time: Until

Balance Provisions: If players decide to utilize balance for the scenario played, please indicate inform one of the TDs. All recommended Balances on the Playlist are recommendations only. You may choose to ignore these if you like. Only B.E. SSRs are required to play the scenario.


Prizes: will consist of plaques for the Bitter ender 2016 main event winner and the runner up. Plaques will also be awarded to the winners of the Bitter ender mini-tournaments as well as the Russ Bunten Sportsmanship Award.

Registration Form: Snail Mail / Email the registration form displayed below to:

Doug Sheppard

706 Church Street

Wilmington, NC 28401

(910) 386-8884 mobile

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


You may also PayPal to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; IF YOU USE PayPal YOU MUST MAKE THE PAYMENT AS PERSONAL AND INDICATE "GIFT"


Please feel free to contact Joseph Sheppard with any Questions. You can also PM 'Ganjulama' on gamesquad.


PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO JOSEPH D. SHEPPARD and please be sure to provide the following information:

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________state:________________ZIP:____________

State: ________________________________________________________________

Zip code: _____________________________________________________________

Phone Number:______________________________________________________



Days you may attend:

  • Thursday, April 28th 2016
  • Friday, April 29th 2016
  • Saturday, April 30th 2016
  • Sunday, May 1st 2016





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