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What's New at The Gamer's Armory's new location?? Comics, Homeschool Games, Puzzles & more!!

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On the heels of moving to our new location (right across the street at 683-F Cary Towne Boulevard) and based upon customer requests over the last several months, we have decided to add a few additional product lines to our inventory.  We are now carrying Comics, Educational Games, more kid friendly/family Games and Puzzles.

Comic fans, we are now offering comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and other comic related items.  We are offering a monthly subscription service on comics.  We will pull and hold customer subscriptions as each issue is released and customers can pick them up when they are in the store.  We will have some monthly comics on the shelf and a full stock of trade paperbacks and graphic novels.  Comics WILL count towards our rewards program, just like all other items in the store.  We are waiting on our initial shipment of comics to arrive, but we already have copies of the Previews magazine in the store so you can look at up-coming products.  If you already know what comics you want, we can get you signed up!  For those of you who read digital comics, we are in the process of setting up our Digital Storefront, which will allow you to purchase your digital comics from our website.  This allows you to continue purchasing digital comics and support your Friendly Local Game Store all at the same time!  By ordering through the link on our website, our Store gets credit (at no additional charge to you) for the sale and we get a small portion of the fee!


Parents and Homeschoolers, we have added a line of educational games that are great for kids of all ages. The Professor Noggin's card series has 39 games, which have won many major awards, receiving honors from the likes of the Parent’s Choice Foundation, the National Association for Gifted Children and Scholastic Instructor Magazine. The Professor Noggin card games are themed with 180 questions based on one subject such as Presidents of the United States, Geography of Canada, Pets, Wildlife of North America and many more. The game play is the same for each title and it's easy to play the game right out of the box, which makes collecting different titles simple and fun.   With two levels of difficulty, younger children can still play with older siblings or adults and have a lot of fun.  We have also added additional games such as You’ve been sentenced, 7ate9 and Snake Oil which are also great learning games! It is also our goal this year to host regularly scheduled Homeschooling Events in our Store.  This is a great way to allow homeschool families to meet in a public location with others in the community.  We have plenty of tables, chairs and games at your fingertips to assist with teaching in a fun sort of way! It is a great way to allow the kids to meet others, learn and have fun all at the same time. Our Store has approximately 2,000 square feet of gaming/meeting space.  There are 18 tables and 72 chairs setup all the time with a few extras in the back so we can certainly handle a large group! Our Store opens at 11:00 am during the week and there are usually always tables available until around 4:30 pm.  We also have a Store Library with many games dedicated to families and kids ages 3 and up!  You are more than welcome to use any or all of them at any time!

We are now an official reseller of Ravensburger puzzles!  Ravensburger has been one of the leading puzzle manufactures for many years.  They have puzzles for all skills and age groups, kid’s puzzles and adult puzzles.  Ravensburger puzzles are made of high quality components, have incredible images, and cover a wide verity of topics.  Come check out or selection of Ravensburger puzzles or look through the Ravensburger catalog to find something that is sure to interest you! We are also adding puzzle accessories as we continue to expand our puzzle selection!

If we didn't mention something that you were hoping to see in our Store, please reply to this e-mail and let us know! 

Thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to continue to grow!