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The Gamer's Armory

Star Wars LCG Game Night (every Monday Night)

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Please join us every Monday Night from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm for Star Wars LCG Game Night!

Star Wars LCG Game Night is open to interested Players, new (still learning) Players and Veteran Players!  Even if you've never played before, please come out and check it out!

The idea is to offer an easy-access and central location for Players to meet and play as well as to even get more people playing, through demos or exposure as the group plays.

In Star Wars: The Card Game, light side and dark side players duel for the fate of the galaxy.  While the light side player races to make tactical strikes against dark side objectives, the dark side player works to reinforce his position of command.

During their battles, players will command some of the galaxy's most memorable characters and starships.  They'll send Han Solo and Rebel troopers to engage Imperial forces on Endor's forest moon, or launch fleets of Star Destroyers from the Kuat ship yards.  Stormtroopers, smugglers, X-wings, TIEs, and bounty hunters will all make appearances, too.  Of course, there will be epic lightsaber duels as well, and players will be able to recreate the classic confrontations between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.