The Gamer's Armory

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The Gamer's Armory Gaming Area & Event Rules

Pathfinder Society Organized Play (Starts November 18th)


Please join us on Friday Nights for Pathfinder Society Organized Play at The Gamer's Armory from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm starting Friday, November 18th!

If you plan on attending, please RSVP through the RTR Meetup Site to reserve your seat at

On the RTR Meetup Site for you will also be able to see upcoming scenario and GM information!

Do I need to be Registered? All Pathfinder Society players must register themselves and their character online at  When you register, you'll receive an official Pathfinder Society Number.  Keep your Pathfinder Number handy and bring it with you to every Pathfinder Society event you attend.

What do I need to bring with me?  A Pathfinder Roleyplaying Game Core Rulebook, a Pathfinder Society Field Guide and a Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.  You may also want to bring a 7 piece set of polyhedral dice for gameplay.  You will also need to create and bring your own 1st level character with you!  If you don't have time or don't know how, don't worry, we have some pre-built characters available that you can use!  Ask your GM and they will be happy to get you one!

For more details about the Pathfinder Society Organized Play, please check out the Quick Start Guide available on our website at

Welcome to Pathfinder Society Organized Play!


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