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The Gamer's Armory In Store Rewards Program

In Store Rewards Program


How do I sign up for the In Store Customer Rewards Program?

It's easy!  Come visit our Store located at 683-F Cary Towne Boulevard in Cary, North Carolina.  When you make your first in store purchase, be sure to ask our Sales Associate to sign you up for our FREE In Store Customer Rewards Program.  Offering the Rewards Program is our way of saying thank you to our local Customers for providing us with local support that allows us to have a presence in the local community.  By becoming a member, you will continue to be rewarded for shopping and supporting our local Store. 

What information will you need?

We will need your name, e-mail address (if you are interested in receiving our Newsletter) and Mailing Address to get you signed up!

How is it tracked?

No worries here, our system tracks the Rewards, keeps you informed on your status and reminds us when you have a Reward available!  All of the information is provided at the bottom of your receipt for your information but it is not necessary for you to keep up with it in order to get your Reward!

Please Note:  Our In Store Customer Rewards Program is not available for purchases made using our Online Web Store.




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