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Flames of War Escalation League


The Gamer’s Armory proudly announces its first-ever Flames of War Escalation League! The League will start off at 600 points, and progress gradually to finish at the tournament standard of 1750 points. The league will be Late War, and any current official Late War intelligence briefing can be used.



Kickoff Event, June 4 - 600 point Game Day; 1pm-6pm

June 4-15: (600 Points)

June 16-29: (800 Points)

June 30-July 13: (1000 Points)

July 14-27: (1200 Points)

July 28-August 10: (1500 Points)

August 11- 27(1750 Points)

Finale Event, August 28 – 1750 point Total War game; 1pm-6pm


Any FOW games that meet the league restrictions and are played at Gamer’s Armory will count towards the league scores. During each escalation period, you must play each league game against a different opponent. League days will be Thursdays between 5pm-9pm, but games can be played anytime during the league period.   The following rules will keep the games balanced, and also will allow you to play with platoons you might not otherwise due to army restrictions and/or effectiveness in larger games. 


600-999 points

  • No vehicle, plane, infantry or gun team with a AT rating of higher than 11
  • No vehicle with a front armor of higher than 7 
  • 1 Combat platoon instead of the normal minimum amount
  • Weapons and Support platoons are taken per the normal army list rules

1000-1499 points

  • No vehicle, plane, infantry or gun team with a AT rating of higher than 13
  • No vehicle with a front armor of higher than 9
  • Standard army list rules

1500+ points

  • Standard army list rules


The league finale event will occur on Sunday, August 28 with a 1750 point Total War game with all armies engaging on one massive battlefield! There is no league scoring on this game, just VICTORY or DEATH!


Scoring System:  The Victory Points Table located on page 195 of the main rulebook will be used.  Players also receive an additional 1 point for each game they play if their army they are playing with is fully painted.  Weekly standings will be posted at the store and on Facebook throughout the league.


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